Wanna See

Out Of Love

By Darren Turnbull

A future love story about a man who loses his wife and slowly falls in love with a girl from another state.

Peer Rating: 73%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 3: 73%
1 Reviews | 87 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 3


We are in the year 2030 in a future Chicago, with our main character MAX. Max is a good person. He works as a Movie Editor. One day his wife HANNA, loses her life. Max slowly falls into depression then meets JACKIE, where he slowly falls in love with her through the phone. Never meeting face to face.

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Peer Reviews

I don't have much for you on the story and concept aspect on this script because in all honesty it was pretty good, I can definitely see this being a movie. Your characters has good rapport with one another, the development between the love interests were there and not many parts of the story dragged. I believe Hanna and Max have really complex relationship dynamics between them but in a way it's also simple, Max seems unsure of where he stands w...

1 year ago |
E Hamilton Top Reviewer

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