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Unknown Ambitions


When Aia, a young college student, has been chosen to go viral on social media, it has to be kept a secret. She must learn to balance her home life before her secret gets out.

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Draft 3: 47%
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Aia is a young woman who is an anomaly in a world controlled by technology. One day, she is taken and told that she has been selected to go viral. This is an extremely rare opportunity in her world that she can't say no to (it's against the law).

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Peer Reviews

Hi Dominique, I really enjoyed getting to read your story and am excited with the direction you're going to take it. Here are my notes.

-First, I like the twist where Aia is taken in by this shadowy social media organization, but I think it takes too long to reach that point in the story. Up until the mysterious van appeared at page 14 (nearly halfway through your script), I had no idea what kind of story this was supposed to be. If you're ma...

1 year ago |
Jonathan Barbour Top Reviewer
Here were my thoughts on your script:

1. Concept - Although the concept has been done before, I liked the twist of it being government agents who kidnap Aia and force her to become viral.

2. Story - I think the story itself was decent up until the second half. It started out strong, but it started getting a bit disorderly almost felt like a completely different script because it didn't really flow with the beginning.

3. Structure - Your...

1 year ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

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