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#Horror #Action/Adventure

LOGLINE: A teenage girl enlists the aid of a retired witch-finder to hunt and kill an ancient witch who has cursed her family's farm.




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After a difficult birth in which Thomas Bamforth does not survive, a stranger appears at the home and offers to save the child’s life. Unbeknownst to the parents, the stranger is an ancient witch known as Rowah. Rowah saves the infant's life and a pact is made for his soul. She will return on his thirteenth birthday to collect the debt that is owed. After thirteen years Rowah returns for the soul but is denied by the father. In retribution the witch curses the farm so no crops will grow and places a spell of possession upon Thomas. As Thomas’s condition worsens and the farm rots, the father hangs himself in the barn for colluding with the heretic and betraying god.

As her brother’s condition deteriorates, Abigail Bamforth is sent to town with her family's savings to buy food for the upcoming winter. While on her journey Abigail is rescued from a bloodthirsty wolf by the former witchfinder Giles Bishop. Once in town Abigail witnesses a witch burning performed by the Witchfinder General Sir Isaac Hawkins. Intrigued, Abigail attempts to enlist the Witchfinder General’s help but is denied as she can not afford his price. Instead, Abigail reconnects with Giles Bishop in the town pub and through some perseverance is able to hire the retired witch hunter.

Once back at the farm, Abigail is shocked to discover her mother has fled and her possessed brother Thomas has disappeared. Bishop investigates the poor state of the farm and discovers all of the cows are dead along with the crops. Bishop believes this is the work of an ancient witch named Rowah who frequents the forest in the area. That night his suspicions are proven correct when the dead livestock arise and attack the farmhouse putting Bishop’s skills to the test.

Abigail and Bishop head out into the forest to find her lost brother. They discover Thomas has been caught and held captive by Issac Hawkins and is set to face the swimming test. Abigail and Bishop arrive just in time to rescue Thomas from the river he was tossed in to prove his guilt. With her brother rescued they must now kill Rowah in order to lift the curse. Bishop enlists the aid of an old wizard named Rune. The wizard creates a witch bottle that will temporarily halt the witches black magic. When the trio returns to collect the witch bottle they are greeted by Issac Hawkins and his entourage. Hawkins executes Rune and several townsfolk for the crime of witchcraft and locks Bishop and Abigail in the dungeons.

As Hawkins prepares to execute Thomas next, Rowah kidnaps the boy and sends an army of undead townsfolk to wreak havoc on the town. Abigail and Bishop escape from the dungeons and race after the witch with Hawkins in close pursuit. Hawkins reaches Rowah first and is murdered using his own swimming test. Bishop and Abigail finally discover the witches cabin in the woods and arrive just as she has begun a ceremony to extract Thomas’s soul. Using the witch bottle, Rowah has her powers temporarily stunted allowing Bishop enough time to decapitate her with his sword. The curse is finally lifted as Rowah’s blood is buried on the farm.

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