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God's gift

By Nedim Dedic

She is the future. Her blood is a gift from God, a cure for every possible disease. A police detective must protect a teenage girl from the pharmaceutical giant who wants her blood to rule the world.

Peer Rating: 20%
Industry Rating: N/A
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A teenage girl Emma, with a special blood count comes to Los Angeles to help children who suffering from malignant diseases.
A police detective Michael was assigned to her as her protector. A former soldier who wants to do his last job and retire, to enjoy with his pregnant wife Layla until their daughter is born. The child they wanted for a long, long time.
The owner of a pharmaceutical empire George Robertson and a member of a secret society that wants to create a new world order, they want to harm a young girl.
After their first attempt fails, they decide to move on to Plan B. To kidnap Michael's wife. And so make him hand the girl over to them.
Michael is in a dilemma, he doesn't know what to do. He has to save his wife, but he also has to protect Emma. Meanwhile, Michael has been declared as a kidnapper. The FBI is sending its two best agents, Colin and Amanda in search of the girl.
Michael encounters various obstacles and problems. Emma blames herself for what happened to his wife. She manages to escape from Michael, and wants to surrender to Robertson because she wants him to let Layla go.
Emma's plan worked. She is with Robertson and Layla is released.
Emma is going to die, that's for sure. The world cannot allow this to happen. Emma is the future, her blood is a gift from God, a cure for every possible disease.
Michael is teaming up with the FBI and other agencies to save the girl.
He will do his best to save her.

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Great title for a movie. The brief synopsis was enticing. I was drawn to the script thinking this could be an interesting chase story in the vain of The Island, The Fugitive, Sixth Day, Paycheck and the like. I love these films. I didn't completely get what I was hoping for. The story is categorized as an Action/Adventure/Thriller but the tone wasn't setup that way. It came across as more light hearted and comedic; throughout the script the one l...

1 year ago |
Damian R Top Reviewer

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