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Devil's Creek

By D. Miles

Two DEA agents chase a suspect into the forest and stumble upon an urban legend, now they must survive the night and expose the terrifying truth behind the urban legend.

Peer Rating: 33%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 33%
Draft 1: 47%
2 Reviews | 92 pages | 2 years ago | Draft 2


DEA agents Kyle Lee and Damian Jones chase a suspected drug dealer Ricky Tan deep into the woods of the Olympic National Forest and stumble upon an urban legend "Devil's Creek", where a family camping on the harvest moon met the Devil and was turned them into crows. Agent Lee quickly finds out that the urban legend is a front for a satanic cult called "OFO", Order of the Fallen One. Things turn for the worst when agent Lee and Jones are separated. Agent Jones is captured by the OFO cult. Agent Lee uncovers the organized crime behind the OFO cult and realizes that he has a history with their leader, the High Priestess. Now agent Lee must ally with the infamous drug dealer Ricky Tan to save agent Jones from being sacrificed and expose the satanic cult.

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Peer Reviews

Devil’s Creek is a fun romp through a bunch of staple horror flick set ups. We have a wise cracking duo at the centre of the action, who get pulled into all sorts of crazy situations by disturbing, drug dealing Satanists, and we’re given a rewarding sting in the tail at the very end.

Our main protagonist, Lee, is someone we can root for – he’s got the right mix of smart assedeness and likability. He and Jones clearly like each other and have k...

1 year ago |
Conor Ryan Top Reviewer
High Priestess's introduction after the DEA agent's arrest Guy was abrupt. Don't forget to CAPITALIZE her character the moment she is infused into the script.

The upside downs scarecrows pitchforking Michael was scary and rightfully so. The whole first 3 pages were paced well and riveting. When the story shifted to the DEA agents and then back to the High Priestess was off balance on my first read.

Before Tabitha was on the scene, where di...

1 year ago |
Concept - The concept of people disappearing in the woods is a standard horror story, but mixing it up with a sort of buddy movie is a bit different.

Story – The story is good overall and interesting.

Structure – Mixing the buddy movie format with the Horror aspect of the cult works in many ways but maybe at the expense of focusing on the cult and building more tension around this.

Characters – some like the DEA agents are developed mor...

1 year ago |

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