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Matthias (Dark Star Prequel)

By Deron Anthony

in the World Eden, A Father watches his family be slaughtered by demon. Back from the dead. The Father uses Satan's rage to face The Black King who opened the gates of Hell

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 42%
Industry Rating: N/A
5 Reviews | 10 pages | 2 months ago | Draft 1


Matthias Bay is a former knight for Lionheart Kingdom that retired so he could be with his Wife and three young children... On the night of Darkstar... Matthias watched his family be eaten by demons... He fought for his life but was eventually slain by Black Knights.... In Hell he was showed his wrath... Satan gives him his rage to kill the Black King... This is There first fight...

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

The script to Southwoods entertaining I would have her work on the character and and the plot itself.

2 months ago |
The thing about this script is, it's definitely an epic scene, but you know what would make it more epic? Making this the payoff to an actual story with buildups, payoffs, satisfying character work and more. None of that is present here, it's basically just mindless action. Now I saw in a comment before that this was for a ten page screenwriting contest, and that people who want a story should read a book, here's something you should understand a...

1 month ago |
Marlon Schwiersch Top Reviewer
This Screenwriter just didn't care it seems.

I found the jumping around confusing and didn't know if the black king was good or bad, Matthias seemed powerful yet not. The whole thing just made me dizzy and bored. I wanted to know how this all started, if it’s a prequel, it doesn’t seem to show background on anything. I never read a story that had a non-existent thought process. I hope that there is more to this and you didn’t just write this f...

1 month ago |
Erez Bailen Top Reviewer
Was a fun intense read, Love the detailed fight scenes made me feel like i was watching an epic movie. Dialogue was good just left a little to be desired . just my opinion though overall I enjoyed it and could see this being a movie Had many scenes where for the first time in a while I was LEGITIMATELY creeped I would say it would be the perfect sci-fi horror if the end was trimmed a bit and added more have a gritty feel to the location, the Com...

1 month ago |
I think this script has strong potential to be a great action horror script. I just think once it's completed as a feature length, which I assume the writer wants to go for, then it could be much better. Good luck!

1 month ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

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