Dreary Night short

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LOGLINE: After receiving a potential life-defining letter, a yound woman sets to ignore the consequences of her action for one last night before facing ugly truths


Nominee Draft #1


2 Reviews | 7 pages | 2 years ago | Draft 1
Emma, a young British woman in the mid/late 90's received a letter that could change the way she approaches the rest of her life as a woman. Slightly in denial, she heads to a night of fun before multiple events bring her back to a harsh reality.

Industry Reviews

Overall, I think this script could be greatly improved on. If you focus mainly on building up the story and characters more, that'll help get you a start before fixing the structuring and dialogue as well. Good luck!

Peer Reviews

Overall, this is a fair attempt at a first draft. You really gotta find an actual story to tell here, rather than some random events in someone's life. Obviously, you have some pretty good ideas for what you want shots or scene transitions to look like, but you should be more concerned with substance rather than style, so focus on improving your story, give your characters depth, and make natural dialogue. I hope this helped you, and I look forwa...

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