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Basket Case

By Tyler Robertson

A sheltered and socially awkward high school student decides to find his place in life after the death of his extremely overbearing mother.

Peer Rating: 60%
Industry Rating: 47%
2 Reviews | 50 pages | 3 months ago | Draft 1


This pilot episode is obviously the kickstarted for Casey Crenshaw. The death of his extremely overbearing, controlling mother puts him on a path in which he yearns to finally live his own life and make some drastic changes. The pilot will center around his first attempts at such and a potential series would follow Casey as he navigates his young adult life as a sheltered, socially inept loner who's looking to finally branch out.

Industry Reviews

Overall, the wasn't a bad first draft for the pilot episode. You really just need a stronger story and more interesting characters to make it really stand out. I would recommend making this more of a sitcom with some dramatic elements rather than a drama with a couple of funny elements. Good luck!

2 weeks ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

Peer Reviews

I liked this script. I think with slight tweaks to some scenes and some formatting/action line edits, the script will be even better. The characters are going through really relatable things like loss, not fitting in and wanting more out of life.

3 months ago |
Kacey D Top Reviewer

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