Lizard People short

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#Comedy #Sci-Fi/Fantasy

LOGLINE: A paranoid salesman believes in an alien conspiracy to replace him and his co-workers with lizard people intent on terraforming the planet to better suit their reptilian species.




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Brett lives a life consumed half by fantasy, half by conspiracy - leaving little room for success in his professional life. When things at the office start going sideways, Brett jumps to his usual conclusion - an alien race of Lizard people are surely conspiring to replace him and his co-workers in an attempt to terraform the planet and make it more hospitable for their reptilian species. But after seeing the truth for himself, Brett realizes maybe he's not so crazy after all.

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I think the entire concept of man believes fictional beings exists but isn't exactly sure has been done before many times, so the setup wasn't really that interesting. The film was also kind of funny with some of the moments involving Brett's daydreaming, but when it stops being a daydream and the lizard people are revealed to actually be real, it does ruin the whole experience. The film may have been funnier and less cliched if the lizard people...
Simple and neatly written script which imaginable and could be able to run through the entire script as a movie in mind. The story was nicely phased starting from the setting up phase all the way to the end. The story was however guessable and lacked any newer elements for an alien sci fi movie. The protagonist's obsession with lizard and reptiles was conveyed only through the materialistic things rather than showing passion of the character towa...
Mental breakdown stories involving incompetent humans and lizards in human suits is a very intriguing concept. The story itself kept me hooked. Every other moment, it seemed like Brett was going through some sort of violent fantasy, bizarre day dream, or legitimate alien encounter. Brett is a very well designed main character who's issues can be pointed to at least substantive reasons which makes this feel like a mystery. I expect lizard peop...

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