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Pokémon: Poke Cup

By Chris Welsh

A Pokémon fanatic run away to live with her aunt and pursue her dream of being a Pokémon trainer.

Peer Rating: 73%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 73%
1 Reviews | 20 pages | 5 days ago | Draft 2


Episode 1

Gwen Alder a school runaway visits her estranged aunt in order to begin her path of becoming a Pokémon Trainer.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Great draft with small areas for refinement. More detail, clarity, and nuance with the character's will offer the smidge more drive needed! There are several, smaller, moments that I breezed through and didn't find enticing enough to dwell in (including the aforementioned moment on the phone with Olivia, and the entrance to the mountain). The pacing of the script weaves the stylicitic qualities of Pokémon, while being original and committed to th...

2 days ago |
Britta Peterson Top Reviewer

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