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The Exterminators: Epispode 1

By Caleb Densman

Doug is an exterminator in his mid 30's who is struggling with promises he made to his wife and to himself

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 27%
Industry Rating: 47%
2 Reviews | 24 pages | 10 months ago | Draft 1


Exterminators is a series based off of the experiences of one of my closest friends. We follow Doug, who is an exterminator in his mid 30s who is struggling with feeling trapped in this life. In this pilot he is called to an older couples house to deal with a skunk infestation.

Industry Reviews

The exterminators is a sweet half-hour comedy that offers some real insight into the human condition. The plot, while not particularly exciting, does the job it needs to do, and the script really excels in the characters and the character's relationships. It offers some real insight and humanity and understanding into how to maintain a successful relationship. However, I would dig deeper into that and hope and try to marry it up in some way to th...

1 week ago |
Blaise Hesselgren Top Reviewer

Peer Reviews

Overall, I enjoyed the story of Doug navigating his marriage, his current place in life, and the "case of the week" in catching the skunks. I think Doug has a lot of heart behind his character and readers will really connect with them, if given the opportunity to.

The major issues I noted in the script were three-fold: Structure, Motivation, and Stakes/why should I care.

First, as you've detailed this is a comedy pilot, comedy pilots are...

1 month ago |
Caleb Ewing Top Reviewer

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