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Gatito Inmeegrante - Episode 1


Against impossible odds, Gatito will try to change the unjust law that has condemned him and his loved ones to a hopeless life. As this happens, a governor obsessed with scapegoating immigrants rises to power, corrupting institutions and targeting Gatito himself.

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Gatito, an undocumented immigrant, will find that the only hope he and his loved ones have to change the unjust law that have condemned them to a hopeless life is to try to change it himself, even if it is an extremely long shot. Thus, against impossible odds, Gatito and his guys will start organizing until they find their way to what may be their only hope. In the meanwhile, Tancruarf, an authoritarian politician obsessed with scapegoating immigrants, rises to power, corrupting the institutions of the state of Nayak.
As Gatito gets closer to his dream, the risks increase too. And, at the climax of the story, honest liberals and conservatives will join Gatito’s cause as they try to free Nayak of what Tancruarf represents, leading the story to an unforgettable ending.

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