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By Alec Cuddeback

A young woman hopes a treasure bails out her failing spaceport. She joins space pirates bound for an asteroid and encounters danger and romance from a young scoundrel. “Treasure Island” in space.

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Robert Louis Stevenson’s masterpiece “Treasure Island” translates beautifully into a futuristic outer space tale. The transformation is nearly flawless, and the vital story elements are kept in place. However, in this version, the character of Long John Silver is a youthful space pirate with an eye patch instead of a peg leg, and cabin "boy" Jack Hawkins becomes 20-year-old Jill, adding a real love interest and providing a more happy ending as well. Even the original parrot Captain Flint is represented by a pygmy-like alien who sticks close to the young scoundrel.

Doing a "literal" adaptation of a classic novel from a period piece to present-day (or distant future) isn't always 100% effective. Most times, it doesn't really separate or distinguish the new story from the original.

Updating the cast members and inserting a more traditional boy-girl romance seems to work better and adds another dimension to it. Introducing a Howard Hughes-type eccentric billionaire, substituting a parrot-like, kid-sized alien for Silver's bird Captain Flint, changing Doctor Livesey to a space scientist and the Squire to his alien assistant, plus saving the space ship rather than just hiding it, adds enough new elements to prevent accusations that the Stevenson novel is somehow shoehorned into a futuristic space setting.

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This is a very well crafted screenplay. The intention of the writer and the characters are very clear and that makes it an enjoyable, smooth read. The action is exciting and sometimes riveting. The world of the story that the writer has built is detailed and has great internal logic. I love the setting of the failing space port and the excitement of a ship finally landing. The action sequences both in space and on the Asteroid (and on Earth)...

1 year ago |
alasdair mcmullan Top Reviewer
This is a high concept space odyssey. I was reminded of movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Titan A.D. The quest for treasure is a classic tale. The writers put a unique twist on it with the space setting. The setting allows for a lot of opportunities to create stunning visuals.

The script is a good length. The pace and the stakes really get punched up in the 2nd half of the 2nd act. The trip to the asteroid is a long one but the writers...

1 year ago |
Jessica Collins Top Reviewer

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