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The Hunt

By Ajah Hales

In a post-reparations America, biracial twin sisters must reach Canada to escape white supremacist militiamen who have overthrown the government.

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To escape certain death, Jessica and Jodi Jaeger, biracial twin orphans, must navigate a peri apocalyptic America where danger lurks around every corner. This horror/thriller series has the feel of a zombie show, except instead of zombies, the bad guys are white supremacists.

Five years ago, the President of the United States was assassinated after announcing his support for a very controversial reparations bill. His dying wish was for his successor, President Valeria Hargrove to make sure the bill became law.

Now, every Black American over the age of sixteen gets 150 million from the federal government, paid out over ten years. Reparations upset the economy, as many Black people quit their jobs when their ‘rep came in.’ One by one, industries dependent on Black people’s labor and/or patronage start to crumble, leaving white Americans overworked, underpaid, and bitter.

Resentment festers, prompting a network of white identity extremists who call themselves The Muted Majority to plan and execute a complete takeover of the federal, state and local government. Now the Muted Majority is determined to reclaim America, and Black people are being hunted for sport or profit.

Jessica Rose Jaeger, a romantic, popular, sexually fluid fifteen year old, and Jodeci Lynn Jaeger, her serious, responsible bookworm twin, are alone in the world after their older brother and parents are killed by white supremacists. Their best chance for survival is to get out of America and travel to Germany to stay with their cousin, Mark.

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There is a genuine sense of reality to this story, an extraordinary imagination of systematic racism that is happening in the world today. Reading the visual scenes of the white supremist actions are a reminder of this, albeit, these scenes are overexaggerated for the sake of drama, But it's there. Lest not forget the circumstances currently happening in Afghanistan where trapped British and US citizens are trying to flee the country from the new...

7 months ago |
Damian R Top Reviewer

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