Wanna See


By michael simmons

In two days, unless a man hater's fertility deal with one of her brother Baker's dozen lonely hearts tenants comes to fruition, she'll lose control of her Fortune 500 company and her bloodline will end.

Peer Rating: 51%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Mindy Marie Minx's business has grown into a Fortune 500 powerhouse. But after her mother's fifth cancer diagnosis she decided to end her suffering. First, she and her husband, of forty-three years, wrote each member of their small town a personal suicide. In Mindy's note, she was reminded that she was the last of their tribe. At an advanced age, and having just diagnosed with the family cancer herself, she set out to find a husband and potential father. To complicate matters she lifelong frenemy Mony, took her up on her bet that she wouldn't get pregnant within a year after losing her parents. If not Mony will take control of THREE M; Mindy's company. What's worse is she's been told getting pregnant will put her life in danger.
She got engaged but, days before the deadline, she backed out.
Now she has one weekend to choose a 'DONOR' from her brother Baker's cast of misfit, lonely heart condo owners. After moving into her own condo, she meets ZAC. Zac only visits his condo, which is across the hall from Mindy's, every four years to compete in a renowned chess tournament. He never donated to the cause and isn't to win the Baby's Daddy lottery. Mindy must choose from a Baker's Dozen before her Monday appointment at nine AM.

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Peer Reviews

I loved the premise of this movie! A bunch of understandable conditions require a quick and ridiculous solution – and the lead has to jump through hurdles to make it work! Great, like the Dating Game. But that’s not what happened… Your logline only applies to half of your script! The last 50 pages is another movie. And then there is the tribe thing vs. the saving her corporation story. Way too many subplots for a comedy. What does her...

1 year ago |
San Dane Top Reviewer
These are my honest opinions about the script **As I read it, stream of conciousness**. Please don't take them as needlessly antagonistic-- I am trying to explain
to you how this script made me feel and it was not a good feeling. I hope you can use this to improve in some way, and take it in the spirit it was meant.

I can tell this works in your head, but is does not work at all on paper.
The humor **ALWAYS** misses, and not just misses but...

1 year ago |

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