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Faces of Fairfax - ep.1 - “Act Like Nothing’s Wrong”

By Alex Laing

Teenage Claire Hasley, a sufferer of social anxiety, faces her worst fears in the town of Fairfax, where a once buried malevolence quietly consumes the townspeople and acts out their societal roles.

Draft #2
Peer Rating: 7%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 3: 7%
Draft 2: 40%
1 Reviews | 83 pages | 2 years ago | Draft 3


Claire Hasley, a teenager with a violent past, will be forced to face her fears of everyday social interaction when she quickly realizes the town of Fairfax is not as normal as it may try to seem. She may survive this insanity...if she could only fit in...
***Music from Faces of Fairfax episode 1:

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

This is a horrifying premise. However, the concept should be examined some more. You can take cues from the American Horror Story, Youtube's Shudder and ALTER, Salem, and Channel Zero (anthology series).

There are some fundamental errors in your script. I recommend running it through a grammar program (Grammarly is good), a passive voice detector (https://datayze.com/passive-voice-detector.php), and punctuation/spelling check. There was...

1 year ago |
I really want to love this script but it needs a bit of reworking to get it there. I do like it though, but when I dug into it the review, I realized it becomes a bit long winded and there's nothing that is really scary or exciting. It needs something original, maybe more scary or eerie.

The writing is good but the writer just needs to fine tune some of the basics.

I loved the stepdaughter/stepmom relationship on their first trip to school....

1 year ago |
Christine Locker Top Reviewer

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