Wanna See


By Richard Neville

Bear is ever so worried about fireworks. Perhaps with good reason.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 27%
Industry Rating: N/A
2 Reviews | 3 pages | 3 years ago | Draft 1


Two dogs contemplate fireworks night. One of them knows what's really going on.
They talk, and the smaller dog explains the secret to the bigger one.

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Peer Reviews

It is hard to write a review to a story so short, but here I go:

I love the way their dialogue is short and simple as if these two dogs quickly speak their own foreign language. The story itself is original but needs some improvement. We get no information at all about how these dogs/fireworks thing goes. I got very confused about that.

The idea of the montage is great! And you describe the scene well at that point. By the way, the structur...

2 years ago |

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