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The Terminal (Black Mirror/Twilight Zone)

By Roy T

A murdered white supremacist enters the Terminal, where he undergoes an evaluation of his life lessons. But the evaluation does not go as expected and leads to stunning consequences.

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White supremacist Jerry Drake is killed after a racially charged argument in a convenience store. He then enters The Terminal, where his Attendant Peter introduces him to the evaluation process to review his past lives. Jerry also learns about the Re-Initiation process, where Subjects who have completed their life lessons are able to vacate their Hosts before organic death, allowing a new Subject to enter the Host. When Jerry sees his wife Marla becoming intimate with a Muslim, he breaks into the Re-Initiation process and inhabits a Host who tries to kill Marla and the Muslim. Peter is required to intercede and bring Jerry back to The Terminal, where his lesson plan is radically adjusted for his next reincarnation.

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