Wanna See


By Nicholas Black

Juan Valdez, the owner of Boxes Y Mas, prepares for his US Citizenship test with the help of his well-intentioned but ill-informed employees, homeless vagrants, and wacky customers in the half-hour off-color comedy that will leave you laughing, and probably in need of counseling.

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Juan Valdez is a Mexican immigrant who has built a thriving Mailbox business in the hear of L.A. He’s just days away from his Citizenship test but he isn’t ready. Seeking the assistance of his staff (Tara & Skip) seems like the logical thing to do, but Juan is given a smattering of ridiculous historical anecdotes and tall tales in the process.

This script was a project that I was challenged to complete from a group of actors who said, "You can't write a comedy pilot script in a day," to which I replied, "Hold my beer..."

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