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Reality Check

By Nicholas Black

This is the story of 2 douche bag reality TV producers who have big dreams, and will stop at nothing to achieve them, no matter who they cross, anger or embarrass along the way.

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Always Sunny in Philadelphia meets UnReal in this politically Not-at-all-correct comedy.

"If a tranny prostitute puts out a toxic dumpster fire with a 1000-gallons of distilled wolf piss... you'd have Reality Check." (Grandma)

Tom and Brad just finished their best work, potentially their ticket to the big-time – a hack political commercial for Senator Jackie Reed, who’s career has taken a beating after his latest scandal.

The problem: The Senator, quietly grappling with his own sexuality, doesn’t know how he feels about the commercial, and if he doesn’t run the commercial, Tom and Brad don’t get paid.

Low on finances, on the verge of getting kicked out of their apartment, they put their heads together looking for a way to raise cash for their newest idea – a reality competition where homeless people compete for prizes based on their cash-earning potential. When the two of them put their heads together, nothing good can come from it. Tom tries to sell his seed at a Sperm bank while Brad interviews homeless people for money-making tips!

NOT politically correct, devoid of anything resembling a moral compass, these two douche bags make us all feel a little bit better about ourselves because... we aren’t them!

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