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By Nicholas Black

A tragic accident sends 15-year old Trevor to live with his gay uncle Gary—a barely-sane fetish porn producer—who, together with his eccentric life-partner Bruce, teach Trevor how to be a real man!

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In this coming of age story a tragic accident leaves Trevor looking for a place to call home. Now that his parents are gone the only one he can turn to is his uncle Gary—the legendary fetish-porn producer. Afflicted with erectile-OVER-function, Trevor finds himself surrounded by new friends, a new school, and an environment that he could never have imagined. He begins to learn that the past he thought he knew was a well-constructed lie.

Little by little, the disturbing truth is brought to the surface and he discovers that guidance and enlightenment can come from the most unlikely of people. But just when he thinks he is getting his life back together, tragedy strikes again.

And then he is given the Diary. Trevor begins to unearth the mystery of Gary, Bruce, and his own twisted background as things begin to unravel!


“Guncle” is based on the novel “How My Gay Uncle F’ed Up Christmas” by Nicholas Black. This adaptation is formatted for a ½-hour, single-cam show.

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