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Good Morning, Mr. Kay: Chapter One of the Blue Age

By Emily (E.M.P.) Phillips

Mr. Kay, a forlorn surgeon, finds comfort in an unusual therapist named Eve, a strange creature that lives in the interdimensional realm of White Space.

Peer Rating: 73%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 8: 73%
Draft 6: 53%
Draft 3: 70%
1 Reviews | 106 pages | 11 months ago | Draft 8


Mr. Kay, a forlorn surgeon with a strong passion for the arts, finds comfort in an unusual therapist named Eve, a strange creature that lives in the dying interdimensional realm of White Space.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

This is a well written screenplay with an original concept and very good execution. The only major notes that can be contributed are largely due to pacing. A large portion of this screenplay is dialogue based. While most of the dialogue is well written, most of it also does not directly advance the plot, or grow the characters. Dialogue can be cut, and we anticipate the screenplay can be cut by at least one third.

This screenplay is list...

10 months ago |
Chris Lutzow Top Reviewer
First of all, I really admire the concept behind this script. It’s twisty and science fiction- packed. I know some of the phrases that I just used don’t exist in the English Vocabulary but your style of crafting a science fiction thriller is really out of the ordinary or another word I would use, unique. The characters were well developed. For example, Creature Blu. At first, I thought it was a light hearted comedy but little did I know, it evolv...

11 months ago |
Matthew Lam Top Reviewer
Here were my thoughts on your script:

1. Concept - This was a very interesting concept. To have a man enter a "white space" dimension to escape reality is intriguing to say the least. Although similar ideas have been done, I was interested to see where you would take this.

2. Story - Although it was a bit slower paced, the story was a nice one to read. Me. Kay's journey and how it ends was satisfying. However, the shock ending with the Pord...

11 months ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer
I could write three different reviews on this screenplay. I’ll start with describing my first impressions from reading the beginning of the story. The concept is engaging. The story has a surreal spiritual quality. At first, I imagined it could be made into a unique animated film. The White Space and the creatures are presented well, being a strength in the screenplay. The whole white space scene with creatures is only limited by the writer’s ima...

11 months ago |
Paul Vecchiet Top Reviewer

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