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Bentley Maguire An Autistic Mobster Story

By Hunter Huiet

Meet Bentley Enzo Maguire a mobster that has Autism. He is going to help the FBI take the only family he ever knows The Donato Crime Family

Peer Rating: 40%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 40%
1 Reviews | 106 pages | 2 months ago | Draft 2


A story of an autistic mobster who endures love, heartbreak, and betrayal

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Peer Reviews

Personally, I get turned off by gratuitous cussing. Seems like every character cusses, even the FBI agents. Most FBI agents are professional. Currently, cussing in the government is reported as a sign of sexual harassment. The old days are gone.
Page 3 – The VO repeats what BM says earlier. This an infraction that critics recognize quickly.
Page 4 – should be ‘none other than’
Page 5 – There is no ‘?’ after ANGIE DONATO’s lines. I there a rea...

2 months ago |
Paul Vecchiet Top Reviewer

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