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Icon of the Defender Part III

By Stefano Pavone

In the final chapter of the trilogy, the Rhodium Golems and the 5 Elements must stand together in order to thwart Sorina Manescu's plans to resurrect Project Athena and rule the world with an invisible hand.

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6 months after failing to assassinate sociopathic roboticist Sorina Manescu, the Rhodium Golems and the 5 Elements form a fragile alliance led by Yasmin Salibi-Lindblom, daughter of retired enigmatic polymath Rosh Goldman. While the mercenaries track down and interrogate Sorina's remaining lieutenants including arms dealer Miletto Fresson, Yasmin learns from former spy Alejandro Rojas that her parents have been interfering with her leadership from behind the scenes, inadvertently setting in motion the events that caused the Rhodium Golems to reunite in the first place. In a parallel storyline, former femme fatale-turned-PE teacher Elsa Lindblom finally confronts her past in order to face a future with a clear conscience. It will take all of Alejandro’s courage, Elsa’s determination and Yasmin’s integrity to defeat the evil scientist for good if they are to save the world from the most dangerous enemy mankind has ever encountered...

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