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Super Lame (Episode 1)


A pair of news reporters travel the country interviewing superheroes with powers that are less of a blessing and more of a curse.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 60%
Industry Rating: 27%
2 Reviews | 6 pages | 4 weeks ago | Draft 1


In a world filled with superheroes, somebodies got to get the lame powers. This story follows two news reporters traveling the country, and interviewing various superheroes with powers that oftentimes end up doing more harm than good.

Industry Reviews

SUPER LAME is a weird and surreal short, with some wonderfully odd moments, but it does need more development and thought to really hit home. It's god as as far as it goes but needs more. In my reading, it’s mostly the same tale as King Midas, with violence substituted for gold, and while that’s entertaining and amusing, it doesn’t add anything particularity new to the idea. I would say to really stand out it does need something more – either ext...

5 days ago |
Blaise Hesselgren Top Reviewer

Peer Reviews

Here were my thoughts on your script:

1. Concept - The idea of interviewing people with ludicrous and ridiculous powers is honestly kinda funny. I'd like to see more chaotic or out of the box characters in the future though!

2. Story - The story was easy to follow and was fun to read. It's ridiculous, but has that superhero charm to it still.

3. Structure - Some of the formatting was off. Mainly the parenthetical and character introducti...

4 weeks ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

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