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Pubici Assassini

By Sean Blackhall

A cam girl and her friend are being chased by angry gangsters, they decide to hide at her family vineyard. Will they find salvation or will the past come back to haunt them?

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Peer Rating: 60%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Cherry, a cam girl from LA and her friend Tony get mixed up in a shoot out between rival gangs. They narrowly escape the gun fight to find themselves being chased by the gangsters and decide to hide at her families vineyard. The dark family history begins to catch up with the pair as the gangsters close in on their position. Cherry must decide between embracing her family history or giving in to the dangerous criminals.

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The writing is smooth and the language is well crafted. However, i believe that the script needs to find a lot more to be taken seriously. The title, t begin with is ridiculous and when we finally realise the import of it towards the climax, it turns out to be laugh out loud funny and ridiculous. I would seriously recommend reconsidering the title and the device used. Yes, it does fall in line with the 'vines and creepers' but it just not filmic...

1 week ago |
jagdish metla Top Reviewer

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