Wanna See

On Our Merry

By Matt Gorman

A sequel Firefly episode

Peer Rating: 60%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Common sense says that only people reasonably familiar with the series should review this. However, the first feedback I received is almost nothing but the reviewer's own thoughts on where he saw the Firefly stories/relationships going. Essentially, critiquing my script by telling me how he would have written it. Obviously, that isn't helpful.

This takes place some indeterminate time after the events of Serenity. I know nothing about any of the subsequent novels, graphic or otherwise. Admittedly, there is some on-the-nose fan service.

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Peer Reviews

I am a HUGE Firefly fan. Have been since it first aired. I was stationed in Okinawa-Japan and Armed Forces Network .... sorry. I digress. Thank you for sparking a memory lane for a cult favorite syfy show. You have the right tropes, syntax of dialogue, and came close to the interactions among the crew. There were a couple of out-of-place moments. Inara and Zoe break into prison to break Mal and Jayne out. Inara would be reluctant to have a weapon...

1 month ago |
The most standout aspect of the script is its loyalty to the series itself. This is an absolute must for a spec script, and "Firefly" is even more distinct than most TV shows, so there is more of a challenge here. There aren't many technical errors, but a tightening up of the action descriptions wouldn't hurt, if you were to consider rewriting in any way.

The climax is very action-packed, and something fans would genuinely appreciate as much a...

2 days ago |
Script Mother Top Reviewer

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