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Unring The Bell

By mike harper

Born in the worst ways to judge us all by the sound of the bell we rung.

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Draft 1: 7%
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Children born around the world in war, violence, and worse, have grown up. A Chinese intelligence agent is dispatched to investigate two individuals who were born with abnormal features that are rumored to be more than they appear. On her travels, she reunites with an ex-lover, an American intelligence officer. Together they are in a race to find the elemental paragons, and convince them to judge humanity by virtue, not revenge to destroy us all.

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My first note is, if your main character's name changes after just two pages of dialogue (Zhang to Shang) it implies you haven't read through your script enough to catch such a glaring mistake. Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, though expected to some degree in any form of writing, shouldn't be on every single page of the script and the abundant presence of them here suggests you haven't run a spellcheck at all prior to submitting to...

3 months ago |
Dan Patrick Kerry Top Reviewer

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