Wanna See


By Devin DeCarie

A young boy's faith is tested when his church is possessed by an angel.

Draft #2
Peer Rating: 65%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 65%
4 Reviews | 87 pages | 7 months ago | Draft 2


As ten-year old Dominic struggles with his faith and his father struggles with alcoholism, they decide to isolate themselves at a church in order to find the answers they're looking for. Unfortunately, there's an angel that doesn't want them to be there.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Great concept. The general idea and theme works considering it is a horror thriller. There is definitely an audience for your script. I would compare this story to The Rite and The Omen. Foothold follows Dom a young theology student who hears voices and sees his dead mother as a spiritual entity. Dom is also chosen by a demonic entity. Dom seeks answers as to why the THE NOTHING refuses to leave the church. The story opens with Dom seeing his dea...

7 months ago |
Nina Brooks Top Reviewer
Its a really interesting idea and an entertaining read. I personally haven't read or seen anything like it before, if I'm understanding the concept properly its a new take on possession, loss of faith and redemption.

Concept: Its a great concept, while a lot of these types of movies rely on the Exorcist as a guide this one takes the idea of demons and possession and gives it a place as opposed to just a body. I would safely place this in a Hi...

7 months ago |
Sean Blackhall Top Reviewer
A well written piece with explicit images of horror by a writer who has an apt grasp of the written word. There is a real sense of the intended emotional journey albeit as an impression as opposed to getting it off the page. I think it's more down to the actual approach to creating these scenes, on the page, contrary to the writers creative ability; which I think is exemplary. Suffice to say the tell itself loses its way as the horror elements ar...

7 months ago |
Damian R Top Reviewer
The concept was fairly simple, at times it was a struggle not to feel as though it was the exorcist with a roof but the lack of story/plot development never guaranteed a shock was building. There needed to be more back story, from character voice to the reason why the mother followed her son and what made her lose her mind. The opening hadn't any hook, if Penny had gone through the same horror as Dom there was the hook. To make it twist is if P...

7 months ago |

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