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Foxblade Episode 1: Pilot

By J. Brodie Shirey

Roxanne Redtail discovers an evil plot to destroy the Earth and becomes the powerful hero Foxblade to prevent it.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 53%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Roxanne Redtail is just your average 20-something intern at a vaguely-defined corporate entity, at least until she uncovers a secret about herself. It turns out that the company she works for is actually a front for an evil alien empire, and that she’s the last survivor of a peaceful alien race that stood against them. Even more striking, her adoptive father figure Murphy is an alien as well, sent to guard both her and her people’s most valued secret: a powerful armor built to battle the Veragons, one that can only be used by one person. Roxy. But before she can accept her destiny, an evil Veragon Monster attacks, fatally triggering Murphy’s high blood pressure. As he lay dying in her arms, Murphy tells Roxy to “not die” and “kick ass” as the armored heroine, Foxblade. She readily accepts this task, using the wrist device he left her to transform into her alter-ego and defeat the villainous monster, and taking her first step in her path to being the star of a hit animated TV show.

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Peer Reviews

I think the concept is a good and this would work well for an animation. It's fun, there's a lot of action and I like the use of anamorphic animals . I would say my favorite character was Murphy. I would take out the opening fight sequence between Roxy and Dave. I would prefer to see the story unravel leaving room for the surprise fight at the end. (Roxy says, "I should probably start this story at the beginning." I think you should too) The bigg...

9 months ago |

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