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The edge of the World

By Sergey Korotun

Flat Earth. Gods rule over people. However, in the course of development, society has become high-tech, similar to ours: mobile phones, cars, urban ghettos. Technology is increasingly replacing the gods. Conflict is brewing.

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How would our life have changed if the Earth was flat and the gods ruled our lives? God's providence, which can be seen, felt and expected with awe every year – on the day of the solstice. At birth, each person gets his totem animal – a cute pet that can protect you in case of trouble.

Well, it wouldn’t have. Our life wouldn’t have changed drastically. People would go to work, rely on technology and continue to complain about the authorities. Only the authorities in this case are the gods. And every year, dissatisfaction with the "irreplaceable power" only grows.

In such a world lives ARGUS (33) – a police detective. Demigod. However, in his case this is more of a disadvantage than an actual advantage. Half Cyclops, a creature that should be bulky and awe-inspiring, yet he has grown stunted and feeble. A laughing stock for others. The thing is that Argus is a demigod in the seventeenth generation and isn’t much different from ordinary people.

Argus takes on the investigation of a series of murders. Unlike other detectives, he has an ability – the third eye of the cyclops, which gives him the ability to see the presence of magic. And every corpse has its obvious trace. Sacrifices? What is strange, as modern gods have abandoned such a barbaric form of worship a long time ago. Why waste human resources for nothing? When they can work their tails off in factories.

Argus's only friend is the executioner PROTEUS (34). Unlike Argus, Proteus is not laughed at. Both people and petty deities secretly hate and fear him. After all, at the behest of the higher gods, one day he may come for them. Two outcasts in the police station are investigating a case that could change their world forever.

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This is brilliant. The divisiveness between the ascetics and the protestants creates a fantastic underlying conflict that should help drive the series for many episodes. Your concept is extremely create and relevant to today. My one question is exactly how flat is this world, and what is the scale? Is it moon-sized? Smaller? The creatures are fun and exciting (the hybrid idea is very interesting). The explanation that the magic is science that is...

1 year ago |
Owen Marvin Top Reviewer
When I look at the concept, it seems very fun, but there is a lot to take in, with the fact that Gods exists in this world, technology is being pitted against the Gods and getting rid of their rule over the Earth, the fact that humans, animals, and mystical creatures all exist in one world, and a whole backstory on what Earth was like before Gods came along. These are very creative ideas and I think they would be good to explore the possibilities...

1 year ago |
Advait Dantuluri Top Reviewer

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