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I Hate the Rain

By Elijah Olsen

Strange things start happening in a rainy town after Thomas's mother dies

Peer Rating: 30%
Industry Rating: N/A
2 Reviews | 12 pages | 11 months ago | Draft 1


When Thomas's mother dies, he begins seeing some strange things, including a terrifying face that appears seemingly at random, named "Andrew Uy".

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

There are several things I don’t understand about the storyline; consequently, I couldn’t connect with your main character, Thomas. After reading it several times, I still can’t say I grasp the story you’re trying to tell—but that’s me.

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10 months ago |
D Ray Van Top Reviewer
This short story is a good start and has the potential to be much better. There are a lot of technical errors throughout the entire script. Most noticeably are the "SCENE ONE, TWO, etc." headings. I encourage the writer to review scripts online that have been produced as a way to understand the proper format. Characters are introduced with too little description and also improperly formatted. The overall dialogue is a little bland and stunted, th...

10 months ago |
Timothy Boissey Top Reviewer

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