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Parisa's Story Part 1

By Rod Bantleman

After death, a woman learns that life was for living and begins a journey to rescue her soul.

Peer Rating: 27%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 27%
1 Reviews | 33 pages | 9 months ago | Draft 2


Parisa's childhood experiences have taught her one lesson, love is weakness and this is a lesson she carries throughout her adult life.

When she meets with an accident and finds herself being taunted by an apparition in the afterlife, she is forced to learn the unlearnt lessons of love.

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What I liked

Overall I see this as an ambitious attempt. I think it’s great that you’ve tried to make each scene different to keep the reader on their toes. In each scene, something drastic has happened to a character, so you’re adding to the story in this sense.
Different time periods
One area to improve could be focusing on a particular time period for a bit longer. Overall, I think six different time periods were covered. The challenge w...

9 months ago |

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