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By Dominique Colbert

Poor Lisa. All she wanted to do was hang out with her cousin. Instead, she ended up in jail with no one to help her all because her cousin’s girlfriend decided to frame her but Lisa claims innocence. Is she innocent or guilty? You be the judge.

Peer Rating: 50%
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Draft 3: 50%
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Meet Lisa. She is a normal person living a normal life. Until her cousin, Harry decides to break up with his older girlfriend, Ruth. Now, Lisa has been arrested for the murder of Harry. She claims she’s innocent but all evidence points to her.

*Note: This is story is apart of a bigger series. This is one of six stories. This is just the only script I have written so far."

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I like the story of the interrogation with Lisa and Ruth, and how it is later revealed that Ruth framed Lisa for the murder of Harry. I like how you handled the characters, with Lisa being innocent and confused and Ruth being somewhat manipulative and evilly strategic, which really brings the right feelings from the audience. I also like how the story unfolds and shows the events that led to Harry getting murdered. I would really like to see the...

6 months ago |
Advait Dantuluri Top Reviewer
The overall concept of what's being done seems like a standard 30-minute drama in the mold of How to Get away with Murder, or something like You. Really any CW or run-of-the-mill binge show on Netflix. Those shows use a formula to create suspense every 8 minutes. Then finally, overall with this pilot, too much is revealed in the first episode, there's not enough guess room for the viewer.

I'll go more into detail below.

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Right away...

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