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The quarantine

By siddarthan krishna kumar

Thoughts of a man in quarantine for two and half years

Peer Rating: 47%
Industry Rating: N/A
2 Reviews | 22 pages | 9 months ago | Draft 1


A man is trapped in his house for about two and half years, without any contact with the outer world. How did he escape from that, or did he really?

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Peer Reviews

Very clever the way you started the story - I was genuinely surprised at the revelation that the Man was there by himself.

Overall, the story flows well and I feel the main character was developed well considering the small amount of time we had to get to know him. He was quirky, humorous and entertaining.

The premise is timely, as much of the world is still living in some form of a lockdown. Some might say that there may not be an au...

9 months ago |
Here were my thoughts on your script:

1. Concept - While the concept of life during a quarantine isn't necessarily a bad concept, it isn't really an original one.

2. Story - I liked the route you went with for making the second man's life kinda spiral out of control just because of a quarantine. I got some Joker 2019 vibes from it in certain spots.

3. Structure - This is where the script suffers the most because I couldn't tell when the...

9 months ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

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