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The Tiger : Part 1


The incredible true story of a down & out freedom fighter with a flipflop & sarong clad force who takes on the world's 3rd largest army & wins.

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The leader of the ethnic Tamil minority rebels, the Tamil Tigers a small, ill equipped force, Velupillai Prabhakaran is being squeezed out of land to fight as his enemy the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) hit him and his people with their big guns. Despite his reservations he bows to mounting internal pressure to sit for an interview with a Time Magazine reporter, lifting a prolonged media blackout to reveal the human catastrophe that is unfolding behind Tiger lines with no access to food, water or medicine.
Neighboring juggernaut India with the 3rd largest army in the world comes to his aid in a show of statesmanship and big brotherhood. Providing aid and peacekeeping troops holding the SLA at bay before they rout the Tamils completely. Things go well at first but quickly the Indian’s bungling bureaucratic systems allow the SLA to steal the upper hand. Rounding up tamil men and occupying tamil areas illegally.
The Indians continued impotence towards the SLA infractions of the peace treaty and abuses of tamil civilians and their converse heavy handed approach towards the vulnerable and exposed peacetime Tigers whos’ patience is tested time and again leads Prabhakaran to the conclusion that he will have no choice but to fight them.
He attempts to avoid this catastrophic outcome but growing complications leave him with litlle choice. Resigned to his fate he launches the first ambush on the Indian peacekeeping force (IPKF) himself and hunkers down for a mammoth David against Goliath battle that he wins after 3 long bloody years with the help of an unlikely ally.

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