Wanna See

Friends Like These

By James Austin McCormick

A broke tech genius tries to sell his virtual company but his AI creations have very different ideas.

Peer Rating: 50%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Zak Charis has succeeded where countless tech giants haven’t. He’s created the first four autonomous AI’s, each one a specialist in the fields of finance, law, security and administration. This could be just the beginning and he dreams of his name being up there with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. However, he’s broke and when his sister needs money for a life-saving operation, he has no alternative but to accept a buyout from a major corporation. However, by this point he’s formed a strong bond with his creations and they take this very personally indeed, doing everything in their considerable power to stop him from signing. But Zak has no alternative. Or does he? His AI friends might just have a better idea.

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