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holy atrimony

By itzhak begerano

“can we playchess with our destiny?”.

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helloMy name-itzhakbegerano(Israel)  My Email: kim72816@gmail.comI am a66-year-old screenwriter and director, who studied at The College for Cinemaand Television in Israel.Attn: director/producer/Production companyI am offeringmy screenplay/movie pilot "Holy Matrimony" for yourconsideration.A combinationpackage with a screenplay +  moviepilot, I have  created, specificallyto showcase my skills in making short movie with feature-length option(52 pages)Watch the moviein You tube site:vts 01 1 holymatrimony begerano (Part 1)vts 01  2  isaac goldone (Part 2)"HolyMatrimony" is a psychological thriller that focuses on the corruptrelationship between two different married couples. The story follows Haim, whoafter being injured in a hit-and-run accident, hires his private investigatorto help uncover the truth, after suspecting his wife is trying to kill him. Onequestion that perfectly captures the essence of the film is “can we playchess with our destiny?”.the storyfocuses on HAIM, who after being injured in a hit-and-run attack, asks hisprivate investigator friend ISRAEL for help, believing that his wife, RITA, istrying to kill him. While investigating, Israel doesn’t know that his own wifeHEDVA is being unfaithful with another younger man. Israel soon discovers thatRita is plotting to kill Haim with her lover ZADOK, who had tried to run Haimover. Israel soon catches them red handed and captures Rita for her crimes.Meanwhile, Hedva has become addicted to drugs due to Israel’s abuse towardsher, and she tragically kills herself. After Israel discovers her body, hecrazily laughs, showing his true corrupt colors.One of the manybenefits of producing my screenplay is that it is specifically designed tosupport an ultra-low budget. It has minimal cast and locations, and insteadfocuses on the performances and story.

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