Wanna See


By C M

A group of 16th century English musketeers struggle to maintain their sanity in the thick of battle

Peer Rating: 40%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 4: 40%
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A castle has been under siege from the English army for months. As countless cannonballs blast away at the castle, day and night, idle soldiers await their turn in the camp to be called to help dig trenches that will eventually lead to the castle's fall. One night, a group of men have finally reached the point where it is their turn to enter the trenches of war. The next morning, as they are called into battle, the sounds of war, the thick fog and smoke, and the things they see rip at their sanity as they struggle to accomplish the task they are bound by duty to complete, and make it out alive.

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Peer Reviews

The writer has a passion for writing and a good grasp of emotive dialogue and description but has allowed himself to be drawn into the dialogue and description at the expense of the story. I struggled to write a synopsis of this script because for the large part, there is a great deal of talk and a great deal of description but very little moves in this story and this is where we need to focus our energy.

A story cannot be description and dia...

1 year ago |

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