Wanna See

Through The Back Door

By David Weishaar

Sometimes giving your friend a hand can be one hand too many.

Peer Rating: 27%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Sketch: Anthony asks his roommate to help him with lines. Little does his roommate know that this script might be more than he can handle.

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Dude! You gave it all away with the title! I thought, "haha, well, if this isn't about gay porn." So the conclusion was severely anti-climatic. Sorry, but the concept isn't original. If its about a creative coming out, then you need to go crazier. If he has a go at his mate, well, this is too easy too. Reading the logline I expected a comedy. Maybe I'm a hard audience, but this was far too normal for me to pop a smile. Go crazy on the weird for t...

1 year ago |
Vianne Sophie May Top Reviewer

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