Wanna See


By Brent Woodroof

**THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR A CONTEST UNDER A STRICT 2-PAGE REQUIREMENT, PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE FEEDBACK REGARDING LENGTH** A woman comes to terms with her old flame's bride-to-be at his wedding.

Peer Rating: 29%
Industry Rating: N/A
3 Reviews | 2 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 1


Written and produced for a two-page screenplay contest among amateur filmmakers.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Okay, I'll start out by saying that your concept for the story is interesting at best. Your ex boyfriend marrying your mother. That would be awkward for anyone no matter the situation. What I am going to say is this is way too short, even for a short film. It doesn't justify Sarah;s feelings at all and the complete supposed turn around at the end is totally unrealistic. For a second, think about how you would feel in the situation. Awkward, right...

9 months ago |
After reading the brief logline given for this script, I was mildly intrigued considering the fact that it's a woman who doesn't want to accept the fact her ex-husband is getting married to another woman. As usual, allow me to leave my thoughts on this script down below:

1. Concept - The concept isn't super original or anything, but it could've been made stronger. The idea of a woman trying to come to terms with the fact that her ex is now mar...

9 months ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer
1. Does your script set the scene/time-period? Scene – Yes – Park/Day; however, it seems odd to me that two individuals dressed for a wedding are sitting on a bench in a (public?) park. I could see the setting in the church’s garden, then I would believe they would stop, sit, and have this discussion. Otherwise, the condition of most public parks these days could preclude a scene such as this. 2. Does your script introduce the MCs? Yes – Cody & S...

9 months ago |
D Ray Van Top Reviewer

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