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I Just Signed Up. What Do I Do First?

You have a choice between two things–upload your script or start earning “karma” by providing feedback to others’ scripts.

Visit the Script Bank to claim an assignment, or start uploading your script!

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What is Karma, What is It Used For, and How do I Use It?

Karma are the points earned for providing feedback. The amount of karma earned per script depends on the number of script pages. The longer the script, the more karma points earned.

You can spend your karma on full script reviews. The more scripts you review, the more karma points you earn, which means more script reviews for yourself.

How Do I Claim a Review?

Visit the ScriptBank, and you will have a choice between providing three kinds of feedback.
  1. Purchased Feedback: These are scripts that have been purchased with karma and are waiting to be claimed.
  2. Script Babies: These scripts just arrived, but they need to pass a “First 15 Review,” where a community member reads the first 15 pages of the script and determines whether the script follows the proper formatting and style.
  3. Available for Review: These scripts are available for review at any time, and it is essentially a master list of all screenplays that writers are seeking feedback on.

Visit the Script Bank to claim an assignment

Visit Script Bank

After I Claim a Review, How Do I Download It?

Once you claim an assignment, visit the “Assignments” page, where you will be able to see the script you claimed. Click “Give Feedback,” and you will be taken to the feedback page, where you can read and start providing your score/feedback.

How Do I Upload my Script?

Navigate to the "Publish Your Script" page, where you will input the relevant information about your work. You will see a FAQ menu for other questions you might have about uploading your script.

Start uploading your script

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What is ScriptMother Pro?

ScriptMother Pro is our premium membership for users who want to get a little more out of ScriptMother. Membership is $6 per month or $60 per year.

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Have Additional Questions?

Check out our blog, where you will find a longer and more detailed list of questions you may have about ScriptMother.

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