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I have a degree in psychology and try to include as much science in my scripts as possible. I want to educate laymen in psychology. I also like intelligent scripts with a lot to them but some of my own scripts are hard to understand in writing unfortunately. I'm probably the most honest and direct reviewer online. But at the same time I never criticize the writer and I never try to be emotional about giving or receiving feedback. Some of my scripts were hated by some readers and I still gave them a top rating for the review.

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Logline: Fever dream of boy growing up and suffering abuse from his dad.

It's a script mostly based on symbolism in different things and heavy on the nose dialogue that further makes this a weird experience as the theme is very on the nose via the dialogue but the scenes are often crazy fever dreams being extremely indirect. Usually movies do it the opposite where the story is clear but some dialogue lines are said very indirectly. So, this is a fever dream type of script about a boy who gets beaten up by his father.

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Logline: A young genius' life stops and collapses on itself as all his dreams are replaced with him slowly losing control of his mind

An intellectual journey into the gifts of the human mind and how some things are these to force us to take a certain road in life.

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Logline: A clown meets a vagabond. Which hysterical adventures will they go on? Together or alone?

A clown goes to a birthday party but meets a really irritating vagabond who keeps asking questions and making his life irritable.

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