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Dude Trip! - Pilot tv series

Max, the birthday boy, is going on a roadtrip with his best buddy jesse, not knowing that he will meet his dreamgirl.

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Max and his best friend Jesse have Tickets to the notorious Isolation Festival and decided to make a fun roadtrip out of it. What they dont know, is that distractions from their goal are everywhere along the way.

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Logline: After loosing everything, Carl the homeless,divorced and washed up protagonist finally gets his big break by winning the lottery

"The Hobo" is a comedy TV Series Script which explores the live of Carl, the mean homeless guitar playing protagonist who wins the lottery. The script starts with the narrator introducing us to Carl while he staggers drunk from one place to another. We get a glimpse of his life and the things he has lost, one of them being his ex-wife stephanie, whom he is still is in love with. Through Flashbacks we see how Carl ended up in his situation by cheating or just being shit. After meeting yet another old friend Alfred, he goes to the Gas Station with his lottery Ticket which he got when he was hanging out with Alfred to hear that he won!

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Logline: While Timothy tries to juggle parenthood and college, rebecca the mother of his child is thinking that her baby is evil.

The Story "Blind Ambition" starts with Rebecca needing to be rushed to the hospital because her water broke, at the hospital the doctor informs her that she needs a C-Section immediatly. Cut to her College Boyfriend and Father of her Child Timothy who rushes over to the Hospital as quickly as he can ignoring every traffic sign and light on the way. After the birth Timothy has returned to college and Rebecca is staying with their daughter at home.

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