Favorite Genres: Horror, Action and Adventure, Mystery, and Drama

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I am a young writer who is aspiring to become a screenwriter after college.

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Logline: A male with female hormones lives his life in isolation from his father because of his freakish appearance and grows up pretending to be a woman. His attempt, however, failed and he committed suicide from his hopeless situation.

NOTE: I AM NOT AT ALL EXPERIENCED WITH WRITING SYNOPSIS SO TAKE EVERYTHING I SAY WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. Identity Crisis lead with an interesting introduction of a TV shot with a Victor (or Victoria) starting to narrate his story. The conflict arises when his parents notice that their child had started to develop breasts and feminine features at an unknown age and took him to a doctor to which he explained that Victor had started to produce female hormones. Victor's dad soon after started to look at his son as disgusting and practically a monster so one day he kicked his wife and son out of the house in order to possibly make a statement, I suppose. Identity Crisis then jumped forward in time about a decade where Victor is getting a job under the name Victoria, then Victoria starts to talk about how he was a reporter once and never had time for relationships. Before this bathroom scene, I truly thought that this script could possibly become a great short film, but sadly that was not the case. It shows a shot of Victoria's back to the camera while she is masturbating and describes how, "When I’m horny, I masturbate. I’m always horny. So I do that a lot." To this, I can say that this scene is unimportant and the only reason that it is possibly there is to state that Victoria still has a penis which to I say is she could have uncovered that later in the story with an actual reveal, and not whatever the heck this was. The next scene is where Victoria's boss, Bob, is introduced by him flirting with her and then walking away a second later. Her new secretary, Samantha, is then introduced and Victoria for the first time in possibly a long time. I will skip the next scene, but analyze the next few scenes after that where Victoria and Samantha are bonding together and the script seemed to brush over their relationship too quickly for Samantha becoming "The love of her life" type of thing. The next two scenes showed how Victoria and Samantha were falling for each other and bonding and it truly is a sweet moment and the next scenes are when they're having sex and I can't keep thinking to myself how I didn't realize that this was a rated R movie before reading this book. I'm going to brush over the rest because Victor's life is ruined, Samantha betrayed her, and she committed suicide after she lost her job.

Posted: 3 weeks ago