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Logline: A young father struggles with the harsh reality of life in the "Projects," his ties to his thuggish lifestyle, and being able to provide for his family.

STREET TREMAINE "TREY" JENKINS, mid-twenties, lying in a pool of his blood, shot dead in the street. We know we're in a bad area of town. A woman runs over yelling for him to wake up. TREY'S HOUSE We flashback in time to Trey waking up in his room, at his mother's house, where we learn of his brother, DARIUS (fresh out of the joint), and his mother who needs to collect rent money, focuses on Trey, the younger brother, to provide half the rent. We also learn of Trey's best friend, SWAG, 20's, as described by the writer is "fly as shit." But Sway and Trey's relationship is through the perspective of a phone conversation, and it's not until page 71, do we finally have a scene with the two together, though their relationship is a main component of the story. We do get the gist of Swag being a drug dealer, and Trey being lured in by his friend to be a part of it all, with apprehensions. JOSELYN'S HOUSE We meet JOSELYN, 20s, trey's girlfriend. She stays with her mother, who's a feisty Latina and doesn't care much for Trey's and Joselyn's relationship, in fact, she thinks Trey is a deadbeat, and her daughter could do better. Here we meet Trey's son, RAKEWON, age 2. Through a phone conversation (which is heavy throughout this script), we learn about Trey and Joselyn's relationship not going so well, as Joselyn speaks on the phone, walking around her house. SOUTH ROAD DELI We meet THE BÉBÉS, (described by writer) consisting of SHEA (7, the girl of the group and apparent leader), MOOK (8, the quiet one, always listening to music), ANT (7, the small one with the big complex) and KHALIL (9, the clown), with Swag in the process of talking to a friend and ordering a sandwich. These kids mean business. They shake down Swag for as much as they can get by asking him to give them a few dollars and being quite persistent. STREET Patrolling the streets is officer KEATING, Veteran officer, and his partner, CALLAHAN, a rookie who is forced by his superior to help beat up a young minority on the streets that clearly had done no wrong. QUICK WASH (Laundry mat) We meet MR. K, the owner, and we learn that Trey works here and is contemplating buying the shop if only Mr. K will go along with it, which at first he is hesitant, but it's not long before he says, "Let me know when I can sign the deed over to you." JOSELYN'S HOUSE Trey visits with his son. Joselyn's main gripe is that she needs a babysitter, and Trey needs to help with paying for it. She pleads with him to find them a place to live; she can't stand living with her controlling mother much longer. This all weighs heavy on Trey as he doesn't quite have things together yet. Trey and Joselyn squabble in a heated argument about their relationship. STREETS Trey walks down the sidewalk and intervenes in a scuffle that involves gang members wanting to rob/kill, a lost young couple not from around these parts. Trey saves the day by sticking out his own neck and asking the gang members to back off. He then helps the young couple find their way out of the area. LATER - the BEBE gang of kids, strike again as they shakedown Trey for a few dollars. We start to wonder what these kids want the money for. It's not long before CALLAHAN AND KEATING show back up and commence another beat down on innocent minorities in the hood. And Trey becomes mixed up in it. We discover the BEBE gang of kids have been collecting money to buy tickets for one of the member's family to buy a bus ticket to go see another family member that is far away. JOSELYN'S APARTMENT Trey lets Joselyn know what happened to him with the police. They have a moment. Then, it's a long overdue sex romp that soon turns into a heated argument, and we learn that Trey has a side HUSTLE going on with selling sneakers, but has kept it a secret from Joselyn, that he's, IN FACT, been saving this whole time. IN THE CAR WITH SWAG Trey and Swag are finally in a scene together, and they have a conversation about having Trey joining Swag's drug dealing, side operation. CROWN OF THORNS NIGHTCLUB We lead into the third act with a heart-pounding PARTY, that has a lot of boozing and provocative dancing. Everyone is at this party except the BEBE gang. Trey and Joselyn, Swag and his friends. Many others. Suddenly a SHOOTOUT happens over a prior incident between the attendees. Everyone gets out alive. BACK IN THE CAR WITH SWAG Swag wants to get something to eat, everyone agrees that was a close call, but it's time for some Chinese food now. NEW DRAGON RESTAURANT Somebody blames one of Swag's crew members of being a robber. The police are quickly called. It's not long before Officer Callahan and Keating are the only two who show up. A crowd starts to form around them. Racism is quickly identified as the cause for Officer Keating and Callahan's detainment of one of Swag's crew members, wrongly accused based on her looks. Callahan becomes nervous and pops off a shot into the crowd and hits a young boy; the boy from the BEBE gang. Everyone blames the officers for being corrupt cops who just killed an innocent kid. JOSELYN'S APARTMENT Joselyn sits on her bed and receives a phone call from Trey. As they are talking, Trey becomes the victim of a drive-by, presumably brought on by the men from the club, due to the prior altercation. This all happens while she is on the phone with Trey. TREY'S FUNERAL A sad moment indeed as his family mourns for him. BACK ON THE STREETS Trey's brother, Darius, gets revenge as he catches up with the men who shot his brother, and he shoots them. CEMETERY Darius and Ms. Jenkins stand together.

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Logline: A young woman gives birth while struggling to keep her relationship together.

This is an uncompleted project. It's not ready to be reviewed or given a synopsis.

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Logline: A coming of age story of childhood friends who must find their way back home after getting lost in the woods.

I really dread regurgitating a script that I just read, so I'm going to be brief. Keep in mind, there are paid coverage services where readers will lay out the whole synopsis for you if wish to pay for it. -- We arrive in an All American neighborhood -- upstate New York. -- We meet the group of childhood friends and we meet their families. -- We learn that the children have lost their fathers. -- We learn a few of the children have behavioral issues. -- We learn there's a camping trip, the boys intend to go on. -- We learn Mike has issues with his Mother's upcoming wedding to his new father figure: JACK. -- The children (pre-teens) set off on the camping trip. -- The children rowboat across the river. -- Upon returning to the boat, they find a whole that leaks water. They can't return home. -- The children spend several days in the woods talking about their lives, their feelings, random thoughts, their hatred, their worries, etc. (some great character work here) -- The children go swimming. One of them tweaks their ankle. -- The children play a trick that one of them isn't breathing, which causes conflict. -- The children discover a cabin. (really wanted something big to happen here) -- The children drink beer and eat food. -- The children leave the cabin. -- The children find a mucked path. -- The children find a road. -- The children make it home.

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