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The spirit of a murdered girl, angry at a Detective’s failure to bring her killer to justice, holds the man’s wife hostage in an attempt to force him to exact her revenge on the killer, while he must find a way to save his wife without losing his own soul.

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Dreams that turn out to be psychic in nature drive a woman (Megan Fritz) to obsession, trying to save a girl that visits her dreams, but who is actually the spirit of a girl who was the victim of an unsolved murder, investigated by the woman’s Detective husband (Sam Fritz). Megan believes that what she is seeing in her dreams is a premonition, and thus, if she acts quickly enough she can prevent the girl's demise. However, as we find out, the girl has already been killed and the girl is actually an angry spirit. At the same time Megan is making sense of her dreams, Sam continues to unsuccessfully investigate the girl's murder. The girl brings Megan and Sam together when she is able to lure Megan to the scene of the crime and possess her body. Sam is blackmailed by the girl/spirit to be the vessel of her revenge on the killer, or loose his wife forever. Sam must find a way to save his wife and not loose soul doing it.

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Logline: A 20's something guy who can't stay out of trouble is sentenced to community service at an inner city school.

Frankly its hard to tell, but seems like the story is about a 20's something guy who can't stay out of trouble and probably has an alcohol problem. He's married but has a strained relationship with a mistress who is also married. He goes to trial, and after being found guilty is sentenced to community service at an inner city school. The school is populated by gangs and violence is common place. There is a weak attempt to merge the two stories, and other characters that don't really make much sense.

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Logline: While on a family vacation in the woods, a young boy is possessed by a demon, takes the form of a wolf, and tears his bored sister and concerned mother to pieces.

A single mother attempts to bring her small family together, but bring her teenage daughter and younger son on a vacation into the woods. The teenage daughter is typical of girls her age, and much rather be with her friends, but instead does the next best thing by fixating on her cell phone. She does derive some pleasure from teasing her younger brother, who is convinced there is some sort of beast in the woods, especially after is sees what he thinks are red eye and hears panting outside his window. The mom seems like she's doing her best to bring the family closer, but her efforts are frustrated by the daughter. The table are turned however, when the brother attacks his sister and is found by his mom with red eyes and sharp teeth. The mother soon meets a presumedly gruesome death as well.

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