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  • Jé Rouge Short

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Logline: A teasing sister gets more than she bargained for when she decides to scare her little brother on a trip to the lake house.

A fun short story in the horror-with-a-twist genre, this script is based around the setting of a mother setting out for a quiet weekend at a lake house with her teenage daughter and ten year old son. The daughter teases the son when they arrive, pretending to hear noises and screaming. Scared, he has trouble sleeping and thinks he sees and hears something in the woods outside. The next night the mother leaves the two of them at a pier and goes to the house for a drink. Soon she hears screams and runs into the woods to find that her daughter is being attacked by a monster--her son. The story ends with him attacking her. The twist is fun in that it paints the little brother as the victim and the sister as the "monster," and then shifts the roles in the last moments.

Posted: 2 months ago