Steven Hale

Aragon, GA


Favorite Genres: Drama, thriller, comedy, historical, mystery

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My reviews focus on how well the script provides a satisfying emotional experience for the reader and moviegoer. This is not the only requirement for a successful story, but I believe it is the primary goal. I don't normally comment on marketability, formatting, grammar, and other non-story level issues, but in some circumstances, these conditions may be important as well. Reviewees should use many peer reviews to get a complete consensus of how they're progressing. I submitted reviews (300+) and scripts (12+) to a now-defunct peer review site. I'm working on a book about how screenwriters can maximize audience involvement, and hope to improve my own writing from these insights.

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Logline: A young woman grudgingly agrees to see the terminally ill father she believes abandoned her as a child.

When Lily's adoptive father Roland tells her that her biological father Tim is dying and wishes to see Lily, she agrees to the request but harbors deep resentment because she believes that he abandoned her when she was a baby. At the hospice, Lily remains aloof and angry and rebuffs Tim when he asks her to spend the day with him, until he explains that although his alcohol and drug dependence kept him from seeing Lily directly, with Roland's help Tim faithfully kept up with his daughter as she matured by watching her from a distance once a year on her birthday. Lily now understands that the stranger she had seen was Tim and that his love for her had never ceased. She embraces him and lovingly prepares to spend the day with him.

Posted: 4 months ago