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After losing the only love of her life, a transgender loses all hope finding love again and kills herself.

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In Africa, a part of the world where transgenders hide themselves forever, Victoria was no different. All her life, the one thing she wanted was to love and be loved. Her father rejected her. She had no friends growing up. But then a time came when she found love or so she thought and lost it.

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Logline: An angry young lady finds out the truth about her father.

The story opens with the man character Lily, in a library. Gets a message and then to avoid disturbing people in the library, she leaves. Outside, she talks to Tim and then goes over to see her father. On arriving, Roland was eager to meet her. Then she tries to put the blame on him for not having a place in her life when she was growing up but ends up getting convinced that it wasn't his fault.

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